Why Choose Hemp Extract Edibles?

March 8, 2019

Hemp edibles are expected to be the breakout nutrition trend of 2019. Sales are skyrocketing across the globe! Research also shows significant interest in hemp edibles among Millennials who are beginning to embrace CBD-infused edibles to ease social and general anxiety, chronic pain and poor sleep quality instead of alcohol. As a generation wary of addictive prescription meds, Millennials are attracted to hemp as a natural, safe and addiction-free analgesic alternative.

Continue reading to learn all you need to know about hemp edibles and how they can help you!

Why Choose Hemp Edibles?

Combining powerful, all-natural hemp oil with food is a no-brainer. Edibles are easy to carry and conceal because they look like everyday snacks. While CBD vape pens could be easily mistaken for THC, edibles are much more discreet. You can slip them into your purse, gym bag or desk drawer at work.

You can add hemp extract to almost any food, which is why edibles are turning up in gummies, honey, coffee, chocolate, baked goods and more. Each active ingredient is precisely measured, so edibles remove the guesswork of how much hemp extract you’re consuming. Tinctures and topicals have their benefits, however, they make it more difficult to calculate the exact amount of CBD you’re ingesting.

Edibles are a powerful, long-lasting hemp delivery system. Cannabinoids in edibles are metabolized by the liver before crossing the blood-brain barrier. This results in a slower onset of effects and benefits that last longer.

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