Can I Travel with Hemp Extract?

February 26, 2019

As great as travel is, it can cause stress, anxiety, and discomfort... Which is why  Hemp Extract could definitely come in handy! However, traveling with Hemp can come with its own complications and headaches, so here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you travel!

Can You Drive with Hemp Extract?

If you are driving or going by bus or train you should be fine traveling with Hemp Extract as long as you stay within state lines. When you cross the border, things can get tricky. For one, states have different laws for cannabis and Hemp Oil products. While it might be completely legal in your home state, Hemp Extract is only legal in some states if the oil contains less than 0.3 percent THC or if you own a registration card.

Can You Fly with Hemp Extract?

The TSA states, “Possession of marijuana and cannabis-infused products, such as Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, is illegal under federal law. TSA officers are required to report any suspected violations of law, including possession of marijuana and cannabis-infused products.”

If you’re flying internationally, things get even more serious. Many countries, including Japan and the United Arab Emirates, have zero tolerance policies for cannabis possession. That means that even the smallest amount of Hemp Oil could result in jail time in that country.

Other Options

If you need Hemp Extract for your plane ride, we recommend taking it  before you get through security. Assuming your plane doesn’t experience any long delays, this means that your Hemp will hit as soon as your plane is in the air, giving you the calm and peace you need to get through a flight.

If you need Hemp Extract while you are away from home, do your research beforehand. Look into the state and local laws. Know what documentation you may need from your doctor. If you’re traveling to a state that allows use of medical marijuana, look up the dispensaries where you may be able to get your Hemp Oil while you’re enjoying your vacation. If you already have high quality Hemp Oil products, mail them to your destination beforehand.

Assuming that you take the right precautions with your Hemp Extract, you generally shouldn’t have any problems. Have any other questions? Contact us today!

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