3 Ways to Implement Hemp Extract In Your Skin Care Routine

March 18, 2019

Looking to change up your skin care routine? We recommend implementing Hemp! Continue reading to learn the benefits Hemp can have on your skin and how you can use it in your daily skin routine!

Hemp Lotion

Lotion with hemp seed oil as one of the main ingredients provides excellent moisture for dry skin. Hemp oil contains  key amino acids that are excellent for skin care and natural skin health.

Hemp oil is also beneficial for dry skin because it contains the same lipids (naturally occurring molecules) as our skin. This means that hemp oil gives skin exactly what it needs to naturally replace lost moisture.

 Facial Cleanser

While we all know some oils are responsible for clogged pores, hemp oil actually has the opposite effect and helps balance the skin’s natural oils. It also contains gamma-linoleic acid, which regulates hormones and can reduce acne breakouts, which is why many people with acne-prone skin choose hemp for their skin care needs.

Hemp Supplements

Aside from topically applying hemp, ingesting hemp oil has also shown to be a beneficial part of natural skin care. Taking CBD supplements allows the nutrients to work from the inside out and naturally soothes skin.

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